Review - Legit or a Scam?

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An investment platform

Download/View is presented as a new investment platform promising investors over 21.77% returns on their investment daily. The platform offers various investment plans tailored to suit different investment capital levels. While it claims legitimacy, questions arise regarding its authenticity.


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How Does Work?

Despite prominently featuring Shiba Inu token logos, only accepts investments in USDT. To begin, users must sign up using either an email address or mobile number along with a password. Upon registration, users receive a new account with a reward of 67 USDT (which cannot be utilized). To commence investing, users navigate to the platform's "Quantify" section, where different VIP levels are displayed, ranging from VIP 1 to 5 and beyond. Unlocking VIP 1 requires a minimum deposit of 13 USDT, offering a daily return of 3.25%. Balances ranging from 48 to 159 USDT automatically upgrade users to VIP 2, providing an 8.68% daily profit. As balances increase, the system dynamically adjusts the VIP level. Referral Program: features a referral program spanning three levels: Level 1 includes personally invited users, Level 2 comprises individuals invited by Level 1 users, and Level 3 consists of individuals invited by Level 2 users. Commissions are earned from deposits made by referrals across all three levels. Deposit and Withdrawal:

Users can only deposit USDT TRC20. Withdrawal minimums vary based on the user's VIP level, with VIP 1 requiring a withdrawal of 2.6 to 9.98 USDT per day. Payment Proof Check:

No payment proofs have been found to substantiate's reliability. Due to its recent establishment, the lack of payment proof raises concerns regarding the platform's credibility. Launched Date Check:

According to WHOIS data, was launched on April 29, 2024. Business Certificate Check:

No business certificates have been identified for Operating without certification raises significant red flags, indicating a lack of regulatory oversight. Physical Office Address Check: operates solely online without a physical office, limiting avenues for communication or recourse for users. Founder Identity Check:

The founder's identity remains undisclosed, suggesting a lack of transparency and raising doubts about the platform's integrity. Staff Identity Check:

Similarly, does not provide information about its staff, further obscuring accountability and legitimacy. Customer Support Check:

Customer support services are notably lacking, with no guarantee of adequate assistance to address user concerns. Users' Experience Check:

Despite its shortcomings, offers a user-friendly interface, facilitating navigation and interaction with the platform. Legitimacy Check: exhibits characteristics of a Ponzi scheme, with numerous red flags indicating potential scam activity. Users are cautioned to invest only what they can afford to lose, as there may be no recourse in the event of losses.

Final Verdict:

Investing in entails significant risk, and users should exercise caution. With its dubious legitimacy and potential for financial loss, it is advisable to approach the platform with extreme care and skepticism.

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