Earn Money with Cash Monkey: A Comprehensive Guide and Review

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Cash Monkey

Cash Money is a GPT app - Earn rewards by performing tasks

Cash Monkey is a new mobile application that claims to appeal to gamers and anyone else ready to earn. Are you a gamer looking to earn by playing games? Or are you seeking ways to make at least $0.20 daily for free? Well, with Cash Monkey, you might achieve that. But wait, can you really earn money for free with Cash Monkey? Yes, you can, as the application doesn't charge any fees to start earning.

However, it's important to note that while Cash Monkey is free to use, you may still need to invest money or other resources to earn. Stay tuned for more details.

In this review, we'll cover all the essential aspects of the Cash Monkey app, providing you with a comprehensive understanding to determine if it's worth your time and effort. Don't skip any points to ensure you don't miss anything crucial.

What Is Cash Monkey?

Cash Monkey is a GPT (Get Paid To) app. This means users get paid for performing tasks.

About Cash Monkey:

How did I discover Cash Monkey? I stumbled upon it while browsing the web, prompting me to conduct thorough research. As of the creation of this review on April 5th, Cash Monkey had over 500,000 downloads. Research indicates it was released in February. In my opinion, Cash Monkey is quite popular, considering it garnered over 500,000 downloads within just a few months. Cash Monkey is published on Google Play by CashCraft Games LLC, a developer known for other apps as well.

Getting Started With Cash Monkey:

To begin, download the Cash Monkey app from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, open the app and sign up with your Google account. That's it! After registration, you'll have access to your account and can start earning.


Here's a link to download Cash Monkey app from Google Play Store:


Here's a referral link to sign up and receive a new user reward


The Ways You Can Make Money on Cash Monkey:

Cash Monkey is a GPT app that offers various ways for users to earn rewards in the form of coins, which can later be exchanged for PayPal Cash. Below are some of the ways to earn money on Cash Monkey:

1. Playing Games:

If you love playing games, Cash Monkey allows you to have fun while earning money. You can earn by playing third-party games offered by Play Time, accessible through the Playtime section in your Cash Monkey account. Before accessing the games, you'll need to grant Cash Monkey permission to access your device's "Usage access" to monitor other apps' activities. After granting access, you can start downloading games from the PlayTime section. Remember to return to your Cash Monkey account, go to the PlayTime section, click on "My Apps" to see installed games, and launch the game from there. Playing online ensures Cash Monkey tracks your activity and rewards you accordingly.

2. Surveys:

Another earning opportunity on Cash Monkey is by answering surveys from various providers like Timewall, CPX Research, and Wannads. Check your account homepage for available survey providers, choose one, and complete surveys honestly. Note that not all survey attempts guarantee qualification, as surveys may have specific criteria, and providing inaccurate information can disqualify you.

3. Tasks (Offers):

If you're willing to install apps, sign up for services, or perform other activities for rewards, Cash Monkey offers tasks from providers like Pubscale, BitLab, Timewall, Lootably, and Adgatemedia. Select a provider, browse available tasks, choose one, follow the requirements, and receive your reward. Ensure to understand the task instructions thoroughly to avoid missing any steps that could result in non-receipt of rewards.

4. Cash Monkey's Referral Program:

Cash Monkey provides a referral program where users can earn rewards by inviting others. Upon signing up, users receive a referral link to share. When someone signs up using your link and becomes a valid user, both you and the new user receive a reward of 100 coins each. Signing up through a referral link ensures a starting balance, whereas signing up directly yields no new user reward.

Other Ways to Earn From Cash Monkey:

Aside from the mentioned methods, Cash Monkey also offers opportunities like watching videos. Explore more earning options within your account after logging in.

Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Starting to Earn With Cash Monkey:

1. Be Prepared to Invest Time and Mobile Data:

Earning with Cash Monkey requires both time and mobile data. You'll need mobile data or Wi-Fi to install apps and games, as well as to play those games. Additionally, you'll need time to engage in activities like playing games and answering surveys.

How Much Can You Make?

Cash Monkey offers an opportunity for extra cash, but it's not a means to amass a large sum of money. You earn rewards in the form of coins for completing various activities, which can be exchanged for cash once you reach the required threshold.

In my opinion, you may not profit from this opportunity unless you have access to free mobile data or Wi-Fi. Utilizing night browsing data, which is often cheaper than regular data plans, can also be beneficial. Remember, in any business venture, if the return isn't greater than the investment, it's considered a loss.

Cash Monkey Withdrawal:

Currently, the exact withdrawal threshold for Cash Monkey is undisclosed. However, it's important to note that the only available payment option is PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account or reside in a country where PayPal isn't supported, investing time and data in completing activities on Cash Monkey may not be worthwhile since you won't be able to withdraw your earnings.

Is Cash Monkey Legit?

Consider the following:

Cash Monkey is legitimate, but we cannot guarantee payment. Our research and analysis of user reviews indicate that while some users receive payment, others may not. Proceed at your own discretion and hope for the best.

Is Cash Monkey Real or Fake?

Cash Monkey is indeed real and not fake. It's a platform worth considering, offering decent rewards for completing activities compared to other GPT apps.

Does Cash Monkey Pay?

Yes, Cash Monkey does indeed pay. Please note that the information provided here was accurate at the time of publishing this review.

Final Verdict:

Based on our investigation into Cash Monkey's claims and legitimacy, we cannot guarantee payment despite its track record of paying some users.

Red Flags Detected:

1. Lack of FAQ Page:

Cash Monkey lacks an FAQ page, which is essential for providing users with important information about the app. Its absence raises concerns regarding transparency and user support.

2. Locked Payment Page:

The withdrawal page on Cash Monkey is locked until users reach a specific coin threshold. This lack of transparency regarding withdrawal thresholds and available payment options poses a risk to users who may invest time without knowing if the payment options are satisfactory.

Overall, Cash Monkey is a decent GPT app to consider, but it's essential to set realistic expectations. It's a source of extra income, not a means to earn thousands of dollars daily. Earning from it requires a significant investment of time and mobile data.

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