Raztune Review - Legit or Scam? - Does It pay $90?

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Raztune is a site that claims you can earn money by listening to music and withdraw it. While earning money by listening to music sounds great, the question remains: Is Raztune legit or a scam?

Welcome to Naijanewlife, the number one blog where you can get honest reviews. This review focuses on unveiling the truth behind Raztune, a popular website that claims to offer an easy way to earn money. Before investing your time and mobile data on the site, take a few minutes to read this review to understand what the site offers and if it's legit or a scam. Without wasting time, let's go ahead and unveil the truth behind Raztune, shall we?

What Is Raztune?

Raztune is a site that offers easy ways for users to earn money. Research shows that it was launched in October 2023. This site claims it's legit, and anyone can sign up for an account to start earning money.

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How Does Raztune Work?

Raztune is a platform that allows users to earn by listening to music, answering surveys, and more. Let's take a step-by-step look at the ways to earn from it.

Ways To Earn From Raztune:

1. Listening To Music:

The main way to earn from this site is by listening to music. The music is short, with the majority of tracks lasting no longer than 3 to 4 seconds. By playing a music found on the site, each track offers rewards of up to $0.46 and above.

2. Answering Surveys:

Raztune also allows users to earn by answering surveys. These surveys are very short, with some asking just one question. The rewards for answering surveys are around $1 to $2.

3. Referral Program:

Another way you can earn from Raztune is through its referral program. The reward per referral is $1.

Other Ways To Earn From Raztune:

There are still other ways to earn on the site, such as completing offers, and more.

Raztune Withdrawal:

To withdraw your earnings, Raztune sets a limit. You must have up to $90 in Balance to request for payment.

Payment Options:

There are several payment options available, including PayPal, Payoneer, USDT, Visa card, and more.

Checking Whether Raztune Is Legit or a Scam:

Is Raztune Legit?

A thorough investigation revealed that Raztune is a scam. Unfortunately, it is not a legit platform to invest your time and mobile data.

Checking User Reviews:

Numerous users have shared their experiences with Raztune. While some claim it's legit, others flag it with red flags, claiming it's a scam to avoid.

Key Points From User Reviews:

1. You Can't Reach The Withdrawal Threshold:
Many users have shared disappointing experiences with Raztune, claiming that earning from it at the beginning was easy until they reached around $50 to $60. According to them, as you progress to reaching the withdrawal threshold, your daily activities' income will keep reducing to prevent you from reaching $90, which is the withdrawal threshold.

2. Additional Requirements:
Some users also shared a different story, reporting that reaching the $90 withdrawal threshold isn't the end of the race. Raztune throws in additional requirements by asking users to refer $10 active referrals before they can be allowed to withdraw earnings.

Is There Anyone Who Has Successfully Withdrawn Earnings From Raztune?

Examining Raztune thoroughly, comparing it with similar sites, and gathering information from various sources revealed that Raztune does not pay. While some claim it's legit, our investigation revealed that it's not. Proceed with caution to avoid falling victim to scams and fraudulent sites.

Getting Started:

If you want to give Raztune a try so that you can also share your experience, visit the site by typing into your browser: Raztune.com

Final Verdict:

You really need to steer clear of Raztune. The site uses deceptive means to earn advertising revenue. If you are thinking you will get paid in the end, unfortunately, you won't, so avoid getting deceived by a fake money site.

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