Tik Tap Review - Does it Pay? - Legit is Scam?

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Tik Tap


Tik Tap is a mobile application developed by Lemon Meta that promises users the opportunity to watch videos and earn money. This app falls under the entertainment category and has been available since September 2023. It aims to combine the enjoyment of watching viral videos with a monetization element for users.

About the App:

The latest version of Tik Tap is 1.4.6, updated on April 24, 2024. The app has over 68,000 installs and a mixed reception with an average rating of 2.91 out of 5 based on 439 reviews. The app is free to download and uses a "high maturity" content rating, meaning it's intended for users aged 17 and older.

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How It Works:

Tik Tap allows users to watch various types of videos, from comedy to lifestyle vlogs. Users can also create and upload their own videos. The key feature is its monetization model, which allows users to earn money by watching videos and engaging with content on the app. Additionally, users can unlock exclusive features and earn more by subscribing to premium tiers.

How to Earn on Tik Tap:

Earnings on Tik Tap are primarily generated through video views and user engagement. Users can earn by watching videos, sharing content, and possibly through referrals. However, the process to withdraw earnings seems to require a subscription to a VIP or privileged status, which has raised concerns among users.

Legitimacy: Scam or Legit?

Based On Our Findings, Tik Tap is not a legit app. Many users have complained about the app being a scam, particularly regarding the withdrawal process. Users have reported that they are required to pay for a subscription before they can withdraw their earnings, leading to suspicions about the app’s genuine intentions. Additionally, some users have reported paying for subscription and still unable to withdraw earnings. This raise a scam alert, warning new user to proceed with caution.

User Reviews and Complaints:

User reviews of Tik Tap are mixed but lean towards negative. Positive reviews appreciate the concept of earning money by watching videos. However, many users express dissatisfaction with the withdrawal process, citing that the requirement to pay for a subscription to access earnings is misleading and feels like a scam. Complaints also highlight technical issues and poor customer support.

Pros and Cons:

Innovative Concept: Combines entertainment with earning potential.
 User Engagement: Interactive features like comments, likes, and shares.
Global Community: Connect with a diverse set of creators and viewers.

 Withdrawal Issues: Requirement to pay for subscription before withdrawal is problematic.
Low Ratings: Average user rating is low, indicating widespread dissatisfaction.
Technical Problems: Users report bugs and technical glitches.
 Questionable Legitimacy: Numerous complaints about the app being a potential scam.


Tik Tap offers an interesting concept by merging video entertainment with a chance to earn money. However, its execution has drawn significant criticism, primarily due to the problematic withdrawal process that requires a paid subscription. While the app may have potential, the current user experience and complaints suggest caution for new users considering downloading and using Tik Tap.