Tile Match Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Tile Match

(Match Tile 2021 - Match & Win)

A tile matching game


Title Match is a new mobile puzzle game that claims you can earn money by playing and withdraw your earnings directly to your PayPal or any other supported account.

The video ad promoting this Title Match claims it's a legit game to make money and not a fake money-making game, but how true is this claim? Is Tile Match Legit or a Scam? And does it pay?


Want to give Tile Match a try? Here's link to download it from Google play store


How Does Tile Match Work?

Tile Match is a puzzle game, just as its name suggests; it involves matching tiles. As you play the game, you accumulate money and coins. The promise is that when you meet the requirements, you can exchange and withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Amazon.

Tile Match Legitimacy:

Tile Match is not legitimate. A thorough investigation revealed that it's designed to make people waste time and mobile data.

Tile Match rewards people with money and coins for playing and promises to make real cash payments. It sets an exchange rate; both the real money and coins earned have rates at which they can be exchanged. Once you have earned enough, you can exchange your earnings and withdraw for cash.

Now, here is the truth: Tile Match does not pay any amount of money. If you are busy playing and accumulating earnings, thinking you will be able to withdraw in the end, unfortunately, it will not pay you any money.

Is Tile Match Real or Fake?

Tile Match is a fake money game designed to take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. It's a waste of time, so don't fall victim.

Does Tile Match Pay?

Unfortunately, no, Tile Match does not pay. Our investigation uncovered that Tile Match does not pay; it's just a waste of time and mobile data.

Final Verdict:

Avoid games that are designed to trick people. Tile Match is one of these games; playing it is a waste of time and mobile data.

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