VideoCash Legitimacy Check: Legit or Scam? (Video Cash Review)

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VideoCash (Video Cash)

Short entertainment videos app

VideoCash is a new, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate mobile app that promises users a get-rich-quick scheme. This app claims that by simply watching short videos, you can easily amass thousands of dollars, which you can withdraw through PayPal or Amazon. Is this for real or another way to scam people?


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How Does VideoCash Work?

VideoCash is a platform where you can find entertaining short videos for entertainment purposes. It also gives users the option to upload their own videos.

As you navigate to the videos section of VideoCash and start watching videos, coins and diamonds are automatically added to your balance.

The deal is, when you have up to 130,000 coins, you will be able to exchange them for $300 cash that you can withdraw to your Amazon or PayPal account. The same goes for diamonds; you can withdraw them for cash. Keep in mind that coins and diamonds are recorded separately.

VideoCash Legitimacy Check:

VideoCash's legitimacy verification raises a red flag: it's a scam app. VideoCash claims it's a legit app for earning money by watching videos; however, our investigation into its legitimacy revealed that it's a scam.

VideoCash fails to pay; it does not pay users any money. The information gathered during research showed that the majority of people who installed it, thinking they could earn, have been highly disappointed.

VideoCash Reliability Check:

Looking for a reliable mobile application to earn money by watching videos? Unfortunately, VideoCash is not one. VideoCash is not an app you can trust. This app promises users an easy way to make money, making them think they have found a great opportunity. However, in reality, VideoCash is just misleading and deceiving them.

VideoCash Payment Proof Check:

No payment proof found. There is no proof found that shows VideoCash pays users. Research showed that numerous users have expressed disappointment due to not receiving payment from it.

VideoCash Background Information Check:

No valid information found. Our research did not uncover any information about the real identity of the person or company behind VideoCash.

VideoCash Customer Support Service Test:

Failed. VideoCash customer support is not reliable. There is no guarantee that they will even attend to your needs.

Final Verdict:

VideoCash is not legit; it promises users quick riches, although it delivers, but when it comes to paying real money, it does not. This app really misleads unsuspecting individuals, claiming it's a legit way, rewards users with coins and diamonds, and promises an exchange for cash payment, but in the end, it fails.

We can't recommend VideoCash, and at the same time, we are not stopping you from downloading and being its user. If you think it's worth your time, it should be your choice to proceed. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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