Vitube Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Vitube is a mobile app that has been around for more than a couple of months, claiming to be a legitimate app that pays users to watch videos. It also features puzzle games through which users can supposedly earn money by playing.

If you've stumbled upon this app and are tempted to give it a try based on its claims of legitimacy, hold on a moment and read this review first.


Want to give Vitube a try? Here's link to it on Google play store

How Does Vitube Work?

Vitube is a mobile app that features short videos and puzzle games. As you watch these videos and play the games, you earn coins. Vitube claims to allow you to withdraw your coins for real cash once you reach the requirements.

Vitube Payment Process:

Unfortunately, Vitube's reality is quite disappointing and different from the claims it makes. Despite claiming to be a legitimate way to make money, our investigation uncovered red flags that suggest it's just a waste of time. Our investigation into whether it pays out or not revealed that it does not.

Here's what it does to users: It rewards them with coins, giving the impression that they can exchange them for cash. However, the sad reality is that users cannot even view their earning balance, let alone find a way to submit payment details to receive cash.

Important Things to Know:

1. Contains Ads:

Vitube contains ads. Despite not being honest with users, it still shows them ads. This clearly indicates that the main purpose of this app is to use users to generate advertising revenue for its developers, leaving users empty-handed even after misleading them with the promise of earning money.

Vitube Legitimacy:

Vitube's legitimacy test failed. It's not a legit app for earning money as it claims. Thinking of downloading it simply because it advertises itself as a legitimate app to earn by playing games and watching videos? Unfortunately, you will only waste your time and mobile data because it's not a legitimate app for earning.

Vitube Reliability:

Vitube is not a reliable app. It offers fake rewards to users, making it seem like they can withdraw coins for cash, when in reality, users can't withdraw these coins or even view their earning balance, let alone submit a withdrawal request.

Vitube Background Information:

Our research found no valid information about the real founder or company behind Vitube. No valid information is disclosed to the public, making it impossible to know the founder or any other information that shows the real identity of the people behind it.

Final Verdict:

Vitube is not an app worth downloading. Its claims and impressions of being a legitimate app to earn from are false. Vitube is not straightforward but misleading, so proceed with caution to avoid wasting your data on downloading something that does not live up to its promises.

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