Balls Soft Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Balls Soft


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Balls Soft is a new mobile game that claims to offer cash rewards to players. Each round of the game supposedly rewards players with money, with the promise of a cash payout upon reaching a withdrawal threshold.

Available on the Google Play Store, this casual mobile game, released in early 2024, has a download size of approximately 50 MB. It aims to provide a simple yet addictive experience centered around merging balls to form larger ones.

How the Game Works:

To play the game, players touch and drop a ball. When two balls of the same number and color collide, they merge into a higher-numbered ball. This process continues, with each merge potentially awarding in-game cash rewards. The game promises a cash payout once a player reaches a $200 threshold, which is supposed to be withdrawn via PayPal.

Things To Know Before Installing Balls Soft:

1. Highly Deceptive: Balls Soft has been flagged as a deceptive cash game. Offering players up to $66 per game level is a major red flag.

Does Balls Soft Pay?

An investigation revealed that Balls Soft does not pay any money. Research showed numerous users experiencing non-payment issues. While Balls Soft rewards players with in-game currency and promises real money, the reality is that it does not pay even a cent.

Is Balls Soft Legit or a Scam?

Balls Soft is not legit. The game is designed to deceive unsuspecting individuals and has been identified as a scheme to trick people into watching video ads. Believing you will get paid when your earnings reach $200 is a waste of time.

Is Balls Soft Real or Fake?

All the money in Balls Soft is fake. The initial reward of $66 and subsequent rewards of $2 to $5 per game level are all bogus. No one has received any payment from the game.

Balls Soft Withdrawal:

When you play the game, it rewards you with in-game money and promises to pay once you reach $200. The only available payment method is PayPal, but this promise is never fulfilled.

Final Verdict:

Despite its engaging gameplay, Balls Soft does not deliver on its promises of real cash rewards. Players often find it nearly impossible to accumulate enough in-game currency to cash out, as the game’s reward system diminishes over time. Consequently, while Balls Soft can be entertaining as a casual game, players should be wary of its claims regarding monetary payouts and consider it primarily for entertainment rather than a source of income.