Magic Of Cards:Arise Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Magic Of Cards:Arise

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Magic Of Cards:Arise is a new mobile game that claims to allow players to earn real money rewards. In video ads, this game is advertised as a real cash game where players can earn money, which they can cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift cards. Each round of the game supposedly rewards players with $80 to $100 and above. But is it legit, or is it a scam? Does it actually pay out?

Welcome to Naijanewlife, and welcome to this Magic Of Cards:Arise review. In this review, we will disclose everything about this game, from how it works to whether it's legit or a scam and more.

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Things To Know Before Installing Magic Of Cards:Arise:

1. Contains Ads: Be prepared to watch ads. You will be bombarded with numerous ads and sometimes you will be asked to watch an ad to claim a cash reward.

Easy To Play: The game is easy to play and does not have any hard levels.

Can Be Boring: The game is easy to play and lacks real challenges. For those seeking games that can challenge their skills, Magic Of Cards: Arise is not one.

Offers Cash Rewards: The game rewards players with money and promises to pay upon meeting the payment requirements.

How Does Magic Of Cards:Arise Work?

Magic Of Cards:Arise is a mobile card game where you merge cards. Each round of the game supposedly rewards players with money starting from $80 to $100 and above. Sometimes it rewards cash that can be withdrawn via Amazon gift cards and sometimes via PayPal.

Magic Of Cards:Arise Withdrawal:

To withdraw via PayPal, you must gather at least $1,000. To withdraw via Amazon gift cards, you must gather at least $10,000. While these minimum withdrawal amounts seem high, the game claims that earning them is very easy and you can easily reach the withdrawal threshold.

Does Magic Of Cards:Arise Pay?

After extensive research and gathering information from various sources to examine the legitimacy of Magic Of Cards:Arise, unfortunately, it does not pay. If you are expecting to get paid $1,000 or $10,000 from it, keep in mind that it will not pay you even a cent. That's the truth, so don't waste your time and mobile data.

Is Magic Of Cards:Arise Legit or a Scam?

Magic Of Cards:Arise claims to be a legit cash game where players can earn real money, but our testing confirmed that it's not. Playing it and thinking it will pay you is a waste of time.

Is Magic Of Cards:Arise Real or Fake?

All the money you earn in the game is fake and none will be paid out to you.

Final Verdict:

Magic Of Cards:Arise is not recommended to anyone looking for a legit game to earn money. It is a highly deceptive game. It rewards players with money and promises to pay but fails to deliver. Its main purpose is to use players to earn advertising revenue in a deceptive way.

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