Match Candy Spheres Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Match Candy Spheres

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Welcome to Match Candy Spheres Game Review on Naijanewlife.

Match Candy Spheres is a new mobile game that promises hours of fun and the ability to earn real cash rewards. This game is advertised as a legitimate cash-earning opportunity.

Match Candy Spheres is a casual mobile game developed by Shepard. Released on June 17, 2024, it is available for free download on Android devices running version 6.0 or higher. The game is relatively lightweight, with a download size of 57.3 MB.

Welcome to this review. Are you wondering if Match Candy Spheres is a legit game? Do you believe the advertisements claiming it's legit? Does it really pay $1,000 via PayPal and $10,000 via Amazon gift card? Stay connected with us to uncover the truth behind Match Candy Spheres. Don’t go anywhere, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook page, Naijanewlife, immediately after reading this review to get updates on legitimate cash-earning apps.

Game Info:

• Version: 15.0.
• Download Size: 57.3 MB.
• Release Date: June 17, 2024.
• Developer: Shepard.
• Platform: Android 6.0+.
• Category: Casual.
• Contains Ads: Yes.
• User Rating: 4.74/5 based on 780 ratings.

How Does Match Candy Spheres Work?

Match Candy Spheres is a mobile game where players must merge two candies of the same type to form a bigger candy.

How to Play:

1. Merge Candies: Click and drag to merge two candies of the same type to form a bigger candy.

Earn Money:

To gain full features of this game, you must play online with an internet connection. While playing, you can claim real money rewards ranging from $85 PayPal cash to $100+ Amazon gift card cash and more.

Match Candy Spheres Withdrawal:

When you play Match Candy Spheres, you can earn real money rewards, which can be withdrawn upon reaching the withdrawal threshold. The game features two accounts: one for recording PayPal cash earnings and the other for recording Amazon gift card earnings.

To withdraw your PayPal earnings, you must play the game and accumulate at least $1,000. To withdraw your Amazon gift card earnings, you need to accumulate at least $10,000.

According to the game, once you reach these thresholds, you can submit a withdrawal request, and the money will be sent to you. Now, the question is, does it truly pay?

Does Match Candy Spheres Pay Real Money?

No, Match Candy Spheres does not pay any money. We have tested it thoroughly to confirm this. It's a game designed to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Even if you reach the withdrawal threshold of $1,000 via PayPal and $10,000 via Amazon gift card and submit a withdrawal request, you will not get paid.

Is Match Candy Spheres Legit or a Scam?

Research shows that Match Candy Spheres is not legitimate but a scam. There is not a single person who has received payment from this game. Playing it with the expectation of getting paid will end up wasting your time, as it will not pay you even a cent.

Is Match Candy Spheres Real or Fake?

Match Candy Spheres claims to reward players with money ranging from $85 to over $100 and promises to pay them once they reach at least $1,000 via PayPal or $10,000 via Amazon gift card. However, the truth is that it deceives unsuspecting individuals, as it does not pay any money.


Match Candy Spheres is a highly deceptive cash game. Playing it for entertainment purposes is fine, but if you expect to earn cash from it, you will be highly disappointed. It will not pay you any money.

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