Rewarded Play Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Rewarded Play

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Rewarded Play is a mobile app that allows users to earn rewards by playing popular games on their Android devices. Developed by Influence Mobile Inc., the app is available on the Google Play Store and has received positive feedback for its engaging and rewarding gameplay.

About the App:

• Version: The latest version of the app is regularly updated, ensuring new features and improved performance.
• Release Date: Rewarded Play was initially released in 2019.
• Download Size: The app's size varies by device but generally ranges around 80 MB.
• Platform: Available only on Android.

How to Get Started:

To get started with Rewarded Play, you'll need to install the app from the Google Play Store. Once the app is downloaded, create an account using your email address. After setting up your account, you can browse through a wide variety of games available within the app. Choose the games you want to play and start engaging with them. By completing in-game tasks and reaching specific milestones, you will earn points that can be redeemed for rewards.

Ways to Earn:

To maximize your earnings on Rewarded Play, there are several methods you can utilize:

1: Playing Games:


The primary way to earn points on Rewarded Play is by playing a variety of games available on the app. Popular games include Word Alchemy, Yahtzee, Bingo Blitz, Coin Master, Wheel of Fortune, and many others. Each game has specific milestones or levels that, when reached, reward you with points. These milestones can range from completing a certain number of levels, winning a set number of games, or achieving high scores. The more time you invest in playing these games, the more points you can accumulate.

2: Daily Logins:


Rewarded Play encourages consistent engagement by offering points for daily logins. Each day you log into the app, you collect comeback points. This system rewards regular users and ensures that even if you don't have time to play games every day, you can still earn some points just by opening the app. Over time, these daily login points can add up significantly.

3: In-Game Achievements:

In addition to reaching game-specific milestones, you can also earn points by completing various in-game achievements. These achievements might include tasks such as winning a certain number of matches, completing puzzles within a time limit, or achieving specific in-game goals. Each game within Rewarded Play has its own set of achievements, and completing these can provide a substantial boost to your points total.

4: Bonus Points for New Users:

When you first sign up for Rewarded Play, you are eligible for bonus points during your initial period of use. New users can earn extra points for the first five days simply by engaging with the app. This incentive is designed to help new users quickly accumulate points and experience the reward system, encouraging continued use of the app.

Additional Earning Opportunities:

Rewarded Play may also offer special events, promotions, or limited-time challenges that provide additional ways to earn points. These might include participating in surveys, watching advertisements, or referring friends to the app. Keeping an eye on these opportunities can further increase your points and rewards.

By taking advantage of these various earning methods, you can maximize your point accumulation and redeem rewards more quickly and efficiently.

Is the Earning Worth It?

Earnings from Rewarded Play depend on the amount of time and effort invested. You can typically earn a $5 gift card after accumulating 45,000 points, which can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on gameplay frequency and success in achieving game milestones. It's important to note that the app won't replace a full-time income, it's just a fun way to earn extra gift cards during leisure time.

Withdrawal and Payment Options:

To redeem your points on Rewarded Play, you need to accumulate at least 45,000 points, which can be exchanged for a $5 gift card. The app offers a variety of gift card options from popular retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Best Buy, among others. When you decide to cash out, you will be able to get your gift card code within the app. Typically, digital gift cards are processed and delivered within 48 hours.

Legit or Scam:

Rewarded Play is widely regarded as a legitimate app. Users report successfully receiving gift cards, and the app maintains a positive reputation with an average rating of 3.4 stars on the Google Play Store. The company behind the app, Influence Mobile Inc., is well-established in the industry.

User Reviews and Ratings:

User reviews for Rewarded Play reveal a generally positive reception, with users praising the variety of games available and the simplicity of the earning process. The straightforward nature of accumulating points through gameplay is a common highlight among satisfied users. However, some users have reported that as they progress in the games, it becomes increasingly difficult to earn points. This is due to the higher levels requiring more time and effort to complete. Despite this, the app maintains a solid average rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store, reflecting a largely favorable user experience overall.

Pros and Cons:

Free to download and use.
Variety of games available.
• Easy to earn enough points to cash out.
Responsive customer service.
Multiple gift card options.

Only available on Android.
Limited to gift card rewards, no cash options like PayPal.
Daily earning cap of 5,000 points.
Earning points can get harder as you progress in games.

Final Verdict:

Rewarded Play is a legit and enjoyable app for earning small rewards through gameplay. While it’s not a source of significant income, it offers a fun way to earn gift cards for activities many users already enjoy. Ideal for casual gamers looking to make a bit of extra “fun money” in their spare time.

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