Tile Busters: 3 Tiles Match Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake?

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Tile Busters

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Welcome To Tile Busters: 3 Tiles Match Review On Naijanewlife.

Tile Busters is a new mobile game that is advertised as a legitimate cash-earning game. I have seen multiple video ads claiming that it pays real money. If you have also seen these ads and are wondering if Tile Busters is as legit as advertised, you're in the right place. My name is Mightyhand Reborn, and I'm here to give you an honest review.

I have tested and played Tile Busters myself, and in this review, I will reveal the truth behind it. Stay connected, and you can also follow our official Facebook page, Naijanewlife, for updates.


Tile Busters: 3 Tiles Match is a puzzle game developed by Alpha Gain Games, a developer on the Google Play Store that has also published another game called "Triple Tile Crush."

Tile Busters is designed to engage players with its vibrant graphics and straightforward levels. It's available for free on both Android and iOS platforms.

Game Information:

• Version: 1.0.2 (Latest update on June 8, 2024)
• Download Size: 119.2 MB (Android), 271.4 MB (iOS)
• Developer: Alpha Gain Games
• Other Games by Developer: Triple Tile Crush
• Total Downloads: Over 510,000
• Age Rating: Suitable for all ages (4+)
• Platforms: Android 5.0+ and iOS 12.0+

How to Play:

The gameplay of Tile Busters involves matching three tiles of the same kind to clear them from the board. The objective is to clear all tiles. To play, simply tap on tiles to line them up, and once three tiles of the same kind are matched, they get eliminated.

The Big Question: Does Tile Busters Pay?

The game claims to reward players with cash ranging from $2 to $8 per game level, with a minimum withdrawal threshold of $500. However, the reality is that Tile Busters does not pay. It's a fake cash game. The developer uses the promise of money to attract players and trick them into watching numerous video ads, generating advertising revenue in a deceptive manner.

Is Tile Busters Legit or a Scam?

Tile Busters is not a legitimate cash-earning game. It does not pay, and many players have reported issues with not receiving payment. If you download it solely for the promised cash rewards, be prepared for disappointment.

User Experiences and Ratings:

Many players have reported that playing Tile Busters with the expectation of cash payment is a waste of time. The game has received mixed reviews. Some people find it fun and entertaining, while others, who downloaded it hoping to make money, have been disappointed by the lack of payment.

Things to Be Cautious Of:

• False Advertising: The advertisements promoting Tile Busters as a legitimate cash-earning game are false.
• Advertisements in the Game: Be prepared to watch numerous ads, which can disrupt the gaming experience.
• Ease of Play: The game lacks real challenge, as each level is too easy to play.

Final Verdict:

Tile Busters: 3 Tiles Match can be fun and engaging for puzzle enthusiasts. Its visually appealing design and progressive difficulty can provide hours of entertainment. However, we cannot recommend it due to its deceptive practices. The game offers fake rewards and uses false advertising to attract players, giving them false hope of earning real money.

Key Points to Remember:

Fun and challenging tile-matching gameplay
Easy to play
Free to download
Contains ads
Claims to offer cash rewards up to $8 per level
Engages in false advertising
Does not pay any money
Frequent ads in the game

Overall, Tile Busters: 3 Tiles Match can be an enjoyable game to play, but approach it with caution.

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