- ReviewBrand - Review - Legit or Scam? - Real or Fake? is a site that claims you can earn simply by reviewing brands. The site asserts that users can easily make money; all they need to do is sign up and receive a $25 new user reward to kickstart their earnings journey.

Imagine being able to make up to $200 within just a few minutes. But the question is: Is, also known as ReviewBrand, legit, or is it a scam site?

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Platform Overview



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Bad reviews from users: We found numerous reports from users, claiming it's a waste of time
No valid withdrawal proof from users found
Operate similarly to other scam platforms

What Is (ReviewBrand) and How Does It Work? is a platform that claims to offer brand reviewing services. According to it, all that someone needs to do is create an account and start reviewing brands or choose from other earning opportunities to start earning, and they can withdraw earnings once the requirements are met.

Here's how this platform works: When you finish creating an account, you will be credited with $25 as a new user reward. By navigating to the homepage, you will be asked to review brands, and when you do, you can earn between $0.64 and so on. Additionally, by navigating to the Quick Earnings section, you will be asked to complete offers, which involve downloading apps or signing up on websites and answering surveys.

There are other ways to earn more, such as the referral program. claims that by inviting others to sign up, you can earn $2 when someone clicks on your link, and when the person completes sign up, you can receive an additional $20, making everything $22 for the referral reward.

With all these rewards it offers, the question is, is it legit or a scam? Is it real or fake? Now, let's address these concerns.

Is (ReviewBrand) Legit or a Scam?

After thorough investigation, which involves gathering information from various sources, gathering user reviews, and comparing it with similar platforms, the answer now is: ReviewBrand is a scam to avoid. is not a legit platform, so if you are busy completing tasks and referring people to it, just know now that you are wasting your time, and in the end, not even a cent will be paid out to you. claims to pay users when their earnings reach at least a minimum of $200. However, it has been flagged as a scam; it does not pay even a cent.

Is ReviewBrand Real or Fake?

ReviewBrand is a highly deceptive website. It's a fake money site, so proceed with caution. A thorough investigation revealed that it was designed to deceive unsuspecting individuals.

This platform offers up to $15 per offer a user completes, and up to a whopping $22 per referral. It claims to pay users cash rewards via PayPal, Bitcoin, and other options, but in reality, it does not pay.

Conclusion: is not a platform you can trust, so if you feel like wasting your time, then you are free to create an account with it, keeping in mind that you will not receive any payment from it. You will be left waiting for payment forever after submitting a payment request.

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